Andre Piper Jordan

Andre Piper-Jordan

Andre Piper-Jordan

Andre Piper Jordan- Lead Mentor

Andre has been a stand-out 3 sport athlete since he was 6 years old. He grew up knowing the power of having positive influences in his life. Growing up as a premier athlete in the state of WA, Andre was introduced to many positive people who helped shape his beliefs and passions allowing him to continue to excel.

During Andre’s freshman year at Interlake High School a rare sinus infection nearly cost him his life. The two surgeries called for incisions through the top of his head from one ear to the other. “I had the first surgery and it didn’t work, so five days later I had the same thing done, the doctor told me I had a 50-50 chance of coming out of both surgeries. When he told me I couldn’t play football (for a year), that hurt me even more.” The doctors warned the family he would have a change in behaviour. Andre went from being a fun loving teen to a rebellious, easily agitated individual with constant outburst. As the year passed Andre found a way to take those dark moments of his life and catapult himself to sheer dominance over the state in all three sports (Football, Basketball, and Baseball). That was highlighted in his senior season at Federal Way High School when he was voted the #2 best athlete in the state.

After his senior year Andre was forced to make a decision of which sport to continue on playing. He chose to pursue baseball and was drafted by the Oakland Athletics where he played 4 seasons. Once his baseball career ended he decided to put his athleticism to the test and went on to dominate 4 seasons of arena football.

Andre is a true testament of never giving up on life. “Even if the odds aren’t in your favor you can increase those odds by believing in yourself.” Andre’s support system and constant motivation comes from his family which include {fiancé} Tanesha, {son} Andre, and {daughter} Piper. “My family is my motivation, and to be able to do what I love and have their support means the world to me”.

Andre believes in inspiring the youth to maximize their potential not just in sports, but in life. He understands the importance of having positive figures in his life and can now give that gift to the youth of our area. “As a father I want to inspire my kids and our youth to realize that you can’t give up on what you truly love. If you commit to hard work and dedication you can knock down any obstacle put in front of you and accomplish anything.

A motto Dre lives by is “Get Money” it doesn’t mean literally get money but it drives Dre to work hard at everything he does.

Reason for joining SforS:  “I joined Showtime For Stars because I wanted to be apart of something special. I want to help kids achieve their goals.”


~Andre Piper-Jordan