Ages 12-18

~ Shine Bright ~

Opportunities are everywhere. Having access to the proper resources allow you to take advantage of those opportunities. At Showtime For Stars we build you up and place you in environments where you are able to succeed. Everyone has a dream; we’re here to help you capture it and dream further.

There are many moments in life where you have to make a choice. Every choice you make leads you one direction or another. The best choice you can make is to align yourself with other Stars so you can all shine bright!

Mentor Program


Our Mentors are here to bring out the most in our Stars. Sports related issues, help with overcoming adversity, support with broken homes, attendance at events, and relationship issues, are just a few ways our mentors get involved to help with some of life’s challenges. Having a positive figure to look up too without fear of judgment is important in the development of our Stars.

Appenticeship Program


Gain first hand knowledge and experience through apprenticeship. Businesses have opened their doors and are providing the opportunity for Stars to see what it actually takes to perform the occupation they are perusing. Through this experience, Showtime For Stars will be able to cultivate a plan of attack for the individual Star; further preparing them for their journey towards their desired profession.

College Program


College doesn’t just happen! There are necessary steps needed to be taken in order to get there. We have committed to laying out this blueprint and helping to make college not just a thought, but a plan. We provide a focused plan of attack, helping them to get admitted into and graduate college. SAT/ACT prep, college tours, and tutoring are just a few ways Showtime For Stars assist in furthering education.

Equipment Program

Sports Equipment

Non team issued sports equipment (shoes, cleats, gloves, etc) will be provided for all three sports during the school year to those deemed necessary by Showtime For Stars. No more sharing track spikes or having to play with last years torn up gloves. We want our Stars to feel special in every facet of life.

Becoming a Star in our program requires you to represent the foundation and your name in a positive manner. Continued participation in Showtime For Stars will require a certain level of academic success, community service, and staying trouble free.