Marcis “Chunky” Fennell

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Marcis Fennell- Lead Mentor

Marcis grew up in Inglewood, California where he battled many adversities. Having his best friend murdered, diagnosed with Cancer at the age of 10, tearing his ACL and MCL, are just a few of the obstacles he was forced to hurdle. Through strong will, determination, and proper guidance; Marcis found a way to prosper despite his turbulent environment. He gravitated towards football to stay out of the streets and by doing so he excelled by becoming a 5-time All Star. Two times with Inglewood Jr. All American Football and three with Bellflower Jr. All American Football. Marci’s attended the National Powerhouse of Long Beach Poly High School where he earned 2 All league, 2 CIF, and 1 All State honors. Marci’s went on to receive a full ride scholarship to the University of Idaho where he was a four year starter, earned all WAC academic honors, and graduated with a Bachelors in Sports Science and a Masters Degree in Movement and Leisure Sciences. Marcis later went on to play professional football at the fast paced Arena 1 level.

Marcis is a fun, dependable, ambitious grinder. The saying “Started from the Bottom, now I’m here” is an exact depiction of his life. He was born of Mark and Deborah Fennell, a hardworking lower middle class family in Inglewood, CA. Though Marcis’ parents did not achieve a level of education most vie for, education was a must for him! Despite the various negative influences involved in the inner city life (drugs, gangs, violence), his mother instilled morals and values into him at an early age. Being the oldest male of the family which lacks any resemblance of higher education, all the pressure was placed upon Marcis’ shoulders to represent the Fennell family. Once Marcis realized his athletic abilities were able to provide avenues of success, he ran with it. He was determined to set an example for his younger brother, in addition to the young kids in the neighborhood. For Marcis; Family is everything! “I never wanted to let my family down. I also felt an obligation to pave a way for all current and future family members. However, family does not only consists of those with the Fennell bloodline.”

Marcis understands the value of having positive influences in his life. He was fortunate enough to have guidance from three mentors in his life. The first of which was his little league coach Jason Negro. Coach Jason was the first Caucasian male to embrace Marcus as family. Coach Jason was “instrumental in helping to paint the picture of my dream.” Second was his High School Coach Don Norford. They had a love hate relationship that grew stronger over time. One instance in particular where Coach Don proved valuable was when Marcis found out his best friend had been murdered! Marcis went downhill (stopped attending school, practice, and neglected all responsibility) Coach Don rallied around Marcis giving him the pick me up needed to get him back on track to success. Last was Marcis’ Ethics Professor, Dr Stoll. “I have always had individuals shape my athletic ability, but Dr. Stoll was the first to instill confidence in my intellectual ability.” She challenged Marcis’ mind allowing him to grow in ways he never thought possible. “When I am in need of some type of advice or humbleness, I have always been able to rely on these three individuals.”

What drives Marcis is happiness. “I have learned that nothing may define happiness, not money nor status. I am happy knowing that I may positively influencing another human by simply telling my story.”

A Quote Marcis lives by is: “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm”
“Being from poverty, children often hear the word “no”. I want to be the person to say “yes, yes you can”. I am a walking testimony to what a little belief can do to the youth.”

Reason for joining SforS:
I joined Showtime for Stars because Reggie and I share the same vision. Both being former athletes from troubled backgrounds, we both believe that it is imperative to share our stories to instill confidence to our youth. We were both told “no” throughout our lives, and are continued to be told “no” as adults. Through Showtime for Stars, I believe that we can assist in eliminating the negative connotation of the word “no” one child at a time. All things are possible with faith, confidence, and just a little support.

~Marcis “Chunky” Fennell