Raymond Fry

Raymond Fry

Raymond Fry

Raymond Fry- Mentor

Raymond Fry is a caring, thoughtful, hard-working, outgoing person. He Enjoys seeing people do well and succeeding. He prides himself on being a fun person to he around. Raymond grew up in the state of Washington excelling in multiple sports. Basketball,soccer, and baseball were his sports of choice up until high school when he decided to try out and focus on football.

Although he was told on multiple occasions he was undersized; joining the football team turned out to be a great decision. He went on to dominate the high school football world in the state of Washington. Raymond was a unanimous all-conference running back and defensive back. He was also selected to the 2006 Seattle Times and Associated Press All Washington Team. As well as chosen to play in the East/West All-Star Game. From Mariner High School Raymond went on to receive a scholarship to play college football at the University of Idaho then transferred to Portland State University where he graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Social Sciences.

Outside of sports Raymond has always had a heart for inspiring youth. His commitment to youth started back in high school where he was a active member of the Marauder Mate Mentoring Program and Conflict Mediation Program. He continued his passion for youth in college by volunteering his time to the Police Activities League, mentoring 4th and 5th grade students in Oregon. Raymond is a young man with goals and is grateful to be a part of our Stars journey to greatness. “I believe that every youth deserves the opportunity to have an additional positive role model in their lives.”

Raymond understands the importance of family and even more so understands the affect of a male figure’s absence in a child’s life. Growing up Raymond watched his Mother Leslie Fry have to wear the hat of Mom and Dad. Raymond eventually assumed the role of “man of the house” in order to ease the reality from his mother and younger sister Kenyata. “I live to show my mother that she did a great job raising me and I must make her proud.”

While in college Raymond’s childhood best friend’s life was taken through an act of violence. This incident shook Raymond to the core. During this time, his school and personal life slid in the wrong direction for a while. He was affected so much that he was almost unable to continue school or playing football. With the will to overcome, Raymond found a way to pick himself up once he realized his life wasn’t the only one being affected. “I believe when you make a mistake it not only affects you, but the loved ones and people around you as well. This is something I have tried to live by when making life decisions; good or bad.”

A motto Raymond lives by is “Family First” I work hard to do well in my life to ensure I do not let down the people who love me most.

Reason for joining SforS:

I was presented with an amazing opportunity to make a positive impact on young adults lives. This is something that I would have wanted to take part in as a youth if
the opportunity was presented for me to be a Mentor. I believe that giving back to the youth is something that all older people should do at some point in their lives. Positive involvement in young lives will greatly improve our upcoming society and produce intelligent, proactive, and productive young people. This also gives our youth every opportunity to capture their dreams as well as the tools to do so. Showtime For Stars is where this will happen!