Mentor Program Registration

Open to kids ages 12-18

Our mentoring program is on a institution by institution basis for student athletes ages 12-18 who are looking for and want to be a part of a growing community where they can be inspired to grow and leap hurdles along the way. They will be given every opportunity to “SHINE” as bright as they can by joining the programs offered at Showtime For Stars.


To Register for the Football Camp ~Click here~

Reggie signing autographs

There are many moments in life where you have to make a choice. Every choice you make leads you one direction or another. The best choice you can make is to align yourself with other Stars so you can all shine bright!

Opportunities are everywhere. Having access to the proper resources allow you to take advantage of those opportunities. At Showtime For Stars we build you up and place you in environments where you are able to succeed. Everyone has a dream; we’re here to help you capture it and dream further.

If you would like Showtime For Stars at your child’s school please contact us so we can take the proper steps to make it happen. At Showtime For Stars, we strive to assist parents, educators, and children with academics, athletics and scholarships so that their children can be the best.

++Some restrictions apply.