Steven Abader

Steven Abader, Director of Strategic Development

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Steven Abader

Steven Abader was raised in Tacoma, WA and went on to become a proud alumni of the University of Washington. As a professional Steven has over ten years of experience in sales and leadership, with many of those years as a Sales Manager and Sr. Regional Manager. Steven has a thorough knowledge of the processes and procedures necessary for developing a winning strategy; along with considerable experience in the recruitment, development and management of sales teams.

As a Communications and Business Management student at the University of Washington, Steven focused his studies in Leadership, Effective Managerial Communications, Negotiations and Conflict Management, Interpersonal Communications, and Public Relations.

•As a Sr. Regional Manager, Steven lead an organization of 2 Sales Managers and 13 Retail Account Executives, supporting 219+ retailers in the Washington, Oregon and Minnesota Regions

•As as a Sales Manager, Steven lead 21 sales professional working in 6 retail locations across the Washington Market, serving over 750,000 customers

•As a student of Communications and Business Management, Steven developed the leadership and management skills necessary for achieving professional success.

•Time management and strategic flexibility are Steven’s specialties; he completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Washington while working full time as an Account Executive.

“the pain of regret will always hurt worse than the pain of discipline”

Reasons for joining SforS: “I genuinely believe that every child, when given the opportunity and resources can achieve their greatest potential. Many children find themselves in difficult circumstances that they did not create and unfortunately they are unlikely to overcome those circumstances without outside help. The mentoring, guidance and resources provided by Showtime for Stars helps eliminate the boundaries of a negative environment and gives children the opportunity to achieve their greatest potential.”